Mystic V

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All forgiveness is self forgiveness.

Without forgiveness there is no future.

Not to forgive is to be imprisoned by the past.

Forgiveness is reclaiming power over your life.

If you hate anyone you are disliking a part of yourself.

As we give the gift of forgiveness we ourselves are healed.

~ ~
Some say that life is the greatest gift.
But what is life without love?
Even though life is a great gift.
Love is the Greatest gift.
~ ~ ~
For if we live in this world,
Without tasting love.
We have lived a life,
not worth living at all.
~ ~ ~
Love is the Greatest gift of all.
~ ~ ~
If a person goes through life
not drinking and sharing the cup of love.
The breaths they took
was a waste of the gift of life.
~ ~ ~
Love is the Greatest gift of all.
~ ~ ~