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You don't get depressed, you do it!”

Tony Robbins from “Date with Destiny” seminar, December 2004

OK. You’re depressed.

Please think about all the things that suck in your life and, even more importantly for this exercise, please assume the posture of you being depressed.

Got it?


What’d you do?

If you’re like me, you kinda slouched over. Stopped smiling. You probably looked down. Kinda rounded your back. Which made your breath shallow…


You get into the “wilted flower” pose or something like that?


Now try this: Stand up straight. Maybe jump up and down a couple times. Shake yourself out. Smile. Pull your shoulders back. Breathe. Smile again. Look forward and up. Maybe even bounce on your toes and shake your body.

Own it.

Rock it.

OK. Got it? Good.

Now…get depressed.

Come on! Keep on smiling, breathing, bouncing a bit and get depressed.

I don’t know about you but I can’t “get” depressed when I’m holding myself up, breathing deeply and smiling. Just doesn’t work.


Let’s not “do” depression any more, mmmmk?

(Not to be flippant about the serious challenges of depression (I’ve certainly experienced some very dark times) but it pretty much is that simple. :))