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Empty Your Mind 

Empty Your Mind~
I search and search
But cannot find
The quiet place
Inside my mind.
So many thoughts
That swirl about
Confusion, stress
Worry and doubt.
I have to learn
To let it go
To open up
And let it flow
To live in peace
And give in kind
To quietly sit
And empty my mind
The problems and disturbances are all near the surface. Go deep, and you'll find your way beyond them.

The tumult and confusion can be overwhelming if you keep yourself in the middle of it.
Take a step back, and give yourself some perspective.

When you become completely wrapped up in the comings and goings of your outer life, it can quickly wear you down.

Connect often to your inner purpose, and let it revitalise you

There is nothing to be gained by running away or hiding from your troubles.
"Yet there is everything to be gained by detaching yourself from them".
You are more than whatever is troubling you. Give yourself some distance and space from what it troubling you.

Your difficulties do not define you. Yet they do give you an opportunity to move powerfully forward.

Go deep, to your most treasured purpose, and the storms on the surface cannot stop you.
and remember the saying-what doesn't  kill you,  just make you grow  stronger, so Empty your mind
and move forwards with confidence.