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Leaving your worries behind with the Angels


In Native American culture, they have "worry baskets" outside of each other's dwelling. So when you visit you grab a twig for each of your worries and drop it in the worry basket before entering the house. When you leave you gather your twigs (worries) and take them with you. This is a wonderful shielding and clearing process because it doesn't allow your guests to enter your home with their baggage.

When feelings of anxiety surround your thoughts call upon Archangel Michael. Visualize him holding a beautiful weaved basket. See your worries one by one going into the basket for Michael to carry into the light. Feel the calmness of his presence.

When we worry about a loved one we are sending them negative energy instead of our blessings and love. Take a moment to catch yourself when you feel yourself worrying about another and shift it to love and blessings. Know that the angels are always around sending us their love and support. Know that all is well. Perfection is everywhere. There is no such thing as chaos only our perception of it. When you feel chaos know that it doesn't exist it is just an illusion and invite Archangel Raphael to shift your perception to one of peace and perfection.

Thank Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for their guidance






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