Mystic V

This is my website from my heart and soul.

Love thy enemies,  It is not about becoming a doormat and allowing yourself to be stepped on but  it is time to let go of the judgment and become at peace within yourself  and in  what is happening in your world. Yes, it is difficult. Yes, there is much sorrow to be dealt with. Perhaps you will need to FEEL the pain of your own disillusionment for a while. Perhaps you will need to FEEL the pain of those who have lost their way for a while. But do not linger there. Become empty inside. Let the spirit of the Creator fill your broken heart. Let the light of truth shine away the dark fog in your mind. Let Gods limitless love regenerate your tired soul.

What do you choose to see today when you look at the world? Do you see awakening or do you see corruption? Temporarily you will likely see both, but you can change your mind and see corruption as an illusion born of minds that have forgotten their Source. It is your job to help them remember their Source by emanating the love of God in your own life. To do this you will need to learn to love your enemies. Put away the weapons of revenge and the sword of hate. Go back to basics today and find the love that has never left you, not for one instant.

Stand tall.  Stand in peace.  Stand in love.  Let life unfold and reveal itself to you, step by step, moment by moment.  No matter what happens and no matter what anyone else says or does, glow with the loving presence that you are, light up your corner of the world with love and peace.  Just be.  It is enough.