Mystic V

This is my website from my heart and soul.

To Forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you!!
Forgiveness is nothing more than letting go. Forgiveness starts with yourself. First you must release all resentment, pain, hurt feelings and anguish connected to people or events in your life. Burdens that you harbor toward yourself or others act as obstacles in your life. Remember the lessons, but let the negative feelings go. If this is difficult for you, then release it to a higher spiritual being and know that as your pain dissolves, your heart opens to give and receive love. Forgiveness is the key to acknowledgment of your divine nature.
Increase your moment to moment level of awareness. Be fully present. Focus on the NOW, rather than getting lost in the past or in the future. Look, not with your eyes, but with your soul. Many times the answers to your questions are presented in an everyday manner. Observe and learn.