Mystic V

This is my website from my heart and soul.

The world is based on balance in thought, word, and deed. Try to be fair in your dealings with others. If you feel you have been wronged, know that the situation has come to you for a purpose. Seek to understand your emotions and feelings, and your response to the situations and to understand the lesson that comes to you. Changes that arise from unpleasant conditions may shape your life in a positive way that you cannot yet see. If you see  a situation that upsets you or you feel is unfair, you may choose to intervene. However, you must examine your motives closely. Your action must be based in love. Justice is not yours to deliver, as hard as it might be to stand back, you must!  because justice is a natural outcome of the universal law of cause and effect. Guidance  is all around you. You are never alone. Loving support is always there  for you. Messages that are meant to help you take the next step in fulfilling your destiny come to you in many ways. Pay attention to the people in your life, your surroundings, and thoughts that come to you and situations you find yourself in too. Follow your instincts. Open your heart and mind to receive the guidance that is always with you. Miracles happen  every day too  from finding a penny,regaining health, receiving a phone call at just the right moment, or even hearing the right words from a total stranger.
Each persons path, though   entirely different it
is yet the same.
We are not
having a spiritual
but we are
having a human