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From : Holly

Date : 02.10.04 9:49:00 PM
Vee you are welcome to put on anything I mailed you after the readings you have done for me, they were so exact and the last one is still playing out in a HUGE way.

Thought the site was lovely BTW



From : Rachel @ Thornberry

Date : 02.10.04 10:25:00 PM
You are welcome to put mine on too. I had never had this done before and it was all very true, so impressed !!!
Brilliant site V well done.
Rachel xxx



From : Marianne H

Date : 08.04.04 9:16:00 AM

Spot on on 9 very specific issues.

I'm thrilled and pleased I'm doing the right thing - it felt right whe I made the decision but there's always a tiny niggling doubt right at the back of my mind.

I will keep and treasure the reading.

Very best wishes


Veronica has an extaordinary gift, my son lost his car and house keys and although they were found and handed into the police, i had already contacted Veronica and she told me where to find them and they were found exactly where she said they were! She  is  truly gifted.
eileen cottam  xx
Thank you Veronica for your help.  Your reading was
uncannily accurate and gave me just the help I needed.  Best wishes in your
future work, I will be contacting you again!  K Fitzpatrick
Dearest Veronica. Sitting here in tears (which is a bummer as I’m just off to the hairdressers, I’ll have lovely red eyes) at your reading which is so spot on  Love Carol xx
Hi V.
Just thought I'd let you know that we have just been told my brother is going to have a baby girl next May!  Something else that you put in your reading for me "news of a baby and feel this could be a girl".  How fab is that!!!  If you remember, you also told me of a close male and news of a wedding!  I found out an old boyfriend (who I am still friends with) got married the very weekend after you gave me the reading!!!  Just waiting for the good news on money front and new career!!
Thanks again for the reading
Hi Veronica
Guess what, your prediction about my new job with lots of money came true!! Went for 2 interviews yesterday, and both rang me today to offer me the job!! What a wonderful position to be in. I accepted the better paid job. Not only is the pay better, but the hours are shorter (18.5 hours a week) and it is a permanent position (other is a 2 year contract) and also the prospects are much better. It is working at a higher level than I am now, and I am so chuffed it's not true!!
Speak to you soon - and thank you for doing such an accurate reading for me!
Lots of love Sara xxxx



From : Diane

Date : 06.10.04 1:49:00 PM
Yes Veronica you can use any comments that i e-mailed you after my reading which was so accurate. Would love another sometime soon please when you start re-doing them.  Love Dianexx



From : Diane

Date : 24.03.04 12:07:00 AM
Hi Veronica just had to say again thank you very much for the very accurate reading you have just done for me-it was spot on. Thank you for your kind words. Diane x
Hi Thanks so much for doing my reading, it means so much to me. Once again your reading was amazing, and you have completely put my mind at rest of what i am doing.
Thank you a million times over.




From : Julia
Date : 06.10.04 5:21:00 PM

Feel free to use mine they were brilliant cant wait for the next one

12/01/2005 20:29:02 GMT Standard Time
Oh, and I 'might' be moving house. Still, very early days with offers just been accepted and I have just re- read that reading that you did for me back in November !  How absoluting amazing is that  ??  I wasn't even thinking of moving back then !
06/05/2005 09:37:05 GMT Standard Time
Thanks so much for this reading.  I can relate to it very much.
On another note you predicated I would have a little boy.  Owen is now
six months as a huge part of my life.   Like you said work issues I have
pushed to one side for now.  I really want to become a Bowen Therapist
but keep putting it off. 

Thanks so much


 Re: Psychic readings in Aid of the IHDG Appeal
« Reply #11 on Jan 12, 2008, 5:47pm »

Just wanted to squeeze in a very quick THANK YOU!!! Have paypal-ed my donation. You are wonderful V :) I could actually cry over that reading, thank you so much again x

Aug 2005

 14 on Jan 13, 2008, 8:36am »

A huge public THANK YOU to Veronica who has helped me immensely and as usual is spot on.

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 Re: Psychic readings in Aid of the IHDG Appeal
« Reply #16 on Jan 13, 2008, 5:39pm »

Thankyou so much for the reading V, it meant a lot :'( :)

A donation has been sent xxx


 Re: Reading...
« Message sent Today at 9:58am »

Thank you so much for that!! It was spot on! Very odd about the tooth thing.. i have been having trouble with a wisdom tooth! ;D

I have been to a few development circles and i would love to take it further.. just not sure how?!

Would you be able to do a reading for my mum too?? I can get her to email you if needs be?

I shall donate to the charity later on this evening.

Thank you once again.. excellent reading!!

Kate xxx





These are all the lovely messages I have got since my site has been open
Thank you All love Vxxx
Name: CB
Date: Fri Jun 10 01:57:55 GMT-12:00 2005
Hi V, Your reading was very accurate, and has inspired me... :o) I felt very down this morning & visited this site for your calming influence! I feel much more balanced now - keep up the great work V, you're much needed xx

Name: Dawn B
Date: Sun Jun 5 18:31:51 GMT-12:00 2005
Once again veronica you've done yourself proud! Really lovely Well Done! Keep on inspiring others, you're a star xx

Name: Linda
Date: Thu Jun 2 21:32:34 GMT-12:00 2005
I love your site! I feel so peaceful and happy when I'm looking around! Your reading has given me so much hope too! Thank you!

Name: Linda
Date: Thu Jun 2 21:29:07 GMT-12:00 2005
Hi Veronca, I just love your site. I feel so happy and peaceful when I'm looking around on it! Your reading too, has given me so much hope!! Thank you! Linda

Name: me
Date: Sat Jan 29 06:11:17 GMT-12:00 2005
i am loving miranda poems they are brilliant, n im glad to say that she is my friend, great website by da way x

Name: karla
Date: Mon Jan 24 04:52:05 GMT-12:00 2005

Name: Rebecca
Date: Wed Dec 22 22:41:31 GMT-12:00 2004
Wonderful site and some lovely pictures. So sorry to read about your very sad loss of Gus. Merry Christmas to you, your family and all your animals! xx xx

Name: Debbie
Date: Sat Dec 18 00:34:27 GMT-12:00 2004
Lovely site.

Name: Diane Duckworth
Date: Fri Dec 17 01:01:57 GMT-12:00 2004
Hi Veronica have just visited your site again and it is very good, there is lots more now to see. I Like the pictures of Louise and of course your lovely animals. You are lucky to have them. I would love to have all them Things are getting better for me now since we spoke recently and I thank you once again for the time and kind words you gave to me just when I needed it most. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love Diane with Buster xx

Name: Lorraine
Date: Tue Nov 30 11:24:33 GMT-12:00 2004
Who's a clever gal then ?
Excellent site Veronica and I can vouch for what a talented lady you are.
Well done

Name: Barb
Date: Sun Nov 28 07:04:40 GMT-12:00 2004
Hi Veronica!
I feel like I know you through our emails. I'm so glad you got the song to play. It's beautiful. You're little granddaughter is just precious. God Bless You and your family.

Name: Pauhla Whitaker...AnimOILS Essential Oil Therapy for Animals.
Date: Sun Nov 28 02:09:57 GMT-12:00 2004
V is a very warm, genuine and talented person and someone who I have gained a lot of respect for over the last few years.I really enjoyed browsing the site V and thank you very much for the link to my site.
Have bookmarked this one and will visit again. Keep up the good work. Take care, Px

Name: Lizzy
Date: Sun Nov 14 02:33:19 GMT-12:00 2004
What a beautiful site,well done VE.

Name: Nettie
Date: Thu Nov 4 10:55:59 GMT-12:00 2004
V I love it, what a beautiful site! I especially love the mystic pages, those black dots nearly sent me cross-eyed. You are such a star, as ever #####

Name: emily ward
Date: Wed Nov 3 11:27:36 GMT-12:00 2004
great web page!

Name: WendyM
Date: Tue Nov 2 11:04:02 GMT-12:00 2004
like the site V, am looking forward to getting a reading as I've so much going 'wonky' in my life at the mo'. Please contact me when you're ready X.
You seem such a genuine person on the DG

Name: Diane with Buster
Date: Mon Nov 1 01:12:31 GMT-12:00 2004
Love the new updated site with the fairies. I cant see the baby photo though. Best Wishes Diane xx

Name: Julia
Date: Sun Oct 31 01:26:58 GMT-12:00 2004
Love the site Veronica, I think that you are extremely talented and come across as a very genuine and kind person.
All my very best wishes

Name: Dawn B
Date: Sat Oct 30 19:42:29 GMT-12:00 2004
What a lovely site Veronica, Well done. Love the fairies and angels too really lovely xx

Name: Sharon
Date: Sun Oct 24 22:47:54 GMT-12:00 2004
This is a beautiful site, the music is so peaceful. I will be very interested in a reading when available.

Name: princess
Date: Sat Oct 23 10:01:12 GMT-12:00 2004
love the butterflies very uplifting and spiritual..look forward to when you are ready for desperate to have some answers to events over the past year..

Name: janine
Date: Tue Oct 19 09:56:29 GMT-12:00 2004
lovely site, for a while whilst oon it i felt at peace. thank you

Name: hay
Date: Tue Oct 19 07:56:26 GMT-12:00 2004
great site, love the things that make you smile page!

Name: Roselea Sherer
Date: Sun Oct 17 11:26:02 GMT-12:00 2004
Can't wait to have a reading, I really do feel quite stuck in a rut right now and have no idea what to do... Hope for you to be ready soon :)

Name: Jayshea
Date: Sun Oct 17 03:31:05 GMT-12:00 2004
Your site is looking great.
For anyone reading this, the readings are extremely accurate.
Recomend to anyone.

Name: Diane D with Buster
Date: Thu Oct 14 00:42:50 GMT-12:00 2004
Hi Veronica love the site.Good Luck and let me know when you are ready to do readings by e-mail again. Best Wishes Love Diane

Name: Michelle
Email: Hi
Date: Tue Oct 12 22:46:27 GMT-12:00 2004
Hi. great site not too sure about the butterflies, keep getting in my way when i am trying to read things, but otherwise good

Name: Laura
Date: Tue Oct 12 22:43:27 GMT-12:00 2004
Hello!!! :)

Name: Vanda
Date: Sun Oct 10 07:04:11 GMT-12:00 2004
Just wanted to leave a little message to say that your site is absolutely charming, extremely warm feeling and very pretty. I wish I could contemplate what its like to have your gifts but I wish you the best of luck. Vanda

Name: Mel
Date: Sun Oct 10 01:48:54 GMT-12:00 2004
Well done V!! Brilliant site speak soon xx

Name: Nick
Date: Sat Oct 9 03:49:27 GMT-12:00 2004
Lovely site V, hope you have many visitors and they appreciate all your fine work.
God bless
Nick xx

Name: Laura
Date: Thu Oct 7 19:25:43 GMT-12:00 2004
Hi, just testing to see if me sending a message works, wish i could hear the music :(

Name: Laura
Date: Wed Oct 6 02:46:39 GMT-12:00 2004
hello mummy!!! luv ur site

Name: Angie Hughes
Date: Mon Oct 4 22:47:11 GMT-12:00 2004
V. really impressed with your site ... It's wonderful! Good luck with it all xxx

Name: eileen cottam
Date: Sun Oct 3 10:05:12 GMT-12:00 2004
Brilliant site, well done and what a fantastic phsycic eileen

Name: Lou E
Date: Sun Oct 3 07:25:00 GMT-12:00 2004
Great Site V

Can't wait to see it finished

Name: Rachel
Date: Sat Oct 2 09:18:30 GMT-12:00 2004
Brilliant site !!

Email: Rosaline
Date: Sat Oct 2 08:43:44 GMT-12:00 2004
Great site V.

Look forward to it being finished.

Loved the music too.