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The Tree


Someone asked what would the tree say if it could speak.
Well, let me tell you the tree does speak we do not hear because we do not listen to its soft voice.

It tells me that it has stood for many generations and has witnessed many things some good and some bad, some happy and some sad.

It speaks of the people and how they are torn apart by childish things.

It speaks of families turning on each other and nations not respecting the ways of each.

It tells of those that say me and not we. It tells of us not caring for the gifts of the mother earth that our Creator has given us so that we may live on.

It tells me of the pollution of the earth and waters and of the pollution of our minds that effect the spirit even the very air that has been given for us to breath.

It tells me that it and it's brothers give their lives freely so we may live and how we take more than we need and how soon there will be none of it's brothers left.

It says HO! Look at us our roots are all connected we sustain each other, we stand tall together.

It asks why we as humans cannot do the same.

Yes the old tree is wise, it speaks the truth we must but only listen to it's words.




Our trees....guardians of time...
oxygenators...home to our brothers and sisters....
Source of peace, beauty and healing energy....

Their abundance,,,,or lack of
is a reflection of the abundance or lack of....
the higher consciousness in mankind.....

Never miss a hug with a healing tree


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